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Hello I am Senior Network Administrator with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Cyber Security.   You could say that technology is a passion of mine and part of this website will concentrate on information and projects that I’m working on. 

Some of my interests and hobbies are D&D, World of Warcraft, Kayaking, Learning Python and Powershell just to name a few things.   You guessed it, These things will also be part of this website. 

On the personal front, I am a father of a teen daughter, who I am very proud of.  I am also a survivor of domestic violence and it took me many years to be able to admit to that.   I’m not here looking for sympathy.  It’s just part of who I am and talking about it can be healing.  Will I touch on it in this website?   Who knows, I guess if there’s interest.