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Open Letter

You can continue to fight me, but I will not go away.  My daughter means far more to me than me walking away.   I will continue to fight though the court system to see my daughter.  Right now it’s not much of a battle with her being placed in my care while CPS and the Juvenile Court follow their court case with you.    It still doesn’t change the fact that your quest to hurt me, to alienate me from my daughter has brought you to this point.  You think you are hurting me, no you are hurting OUR daughter.


I could take this time to go off on tangents about everything that went wrong but I won’t.   It doesn’t matter anymore.   You’d refuse to take responsibility for anything anyway.   See that is where you and I differ.  I know I could have done things differently, I know I have fault in what was our relationship, you refuse to take any and as an adult that is your right.


While I do have fault in our relationship, I find it humorous that you continue to try and drag my name through the mud.   The accusations of physical abuse make me chuckle.  No it was you that were physically abusive.  It was you that was unfaithful and it was you that talked to a man on that night, on Mother’s day, when we were heading up north so I could see my mother one last time before she passed.  Making jokes about having to go north to say goodbye to my mother.


All that being said, I don’t hate you.  I don’t want you dead or harmed in anyway.  I don’t even want you kept away from OUR daughter.  It wouldn’t be fair to OUR daughter.   You see this is where you and I will differ.   Sure you brought an Alcoholic with violence tendencies into your child’s life and you even went onto marry that man.   I still don’t want you not to see OUR daughter.  You are her mother and she deserves to have her mother in her life, just like she deserves to have her father in her life.


You can continue to spread your lies about My Fiancée and I telling OUR daughter that you’re a whore.  I don’t talk to you about her.   My opinion of you doesn’t need to be given to her.  Now in the beginning when she asked about what was going on.  I told her the same thing I told her when you went to County jail for Animal Cruelty.  That mommy has things she has to get taken care of and when that’s all done, we’ll see how things unfold.


Do you know how many times I’ve had to tell her it’s ok to see mommy on days of visitation?   Do you know how I tell her that she should want to see mommy?  No you want to spread lies and tell people that I keep your daughter from you.  I have never once refused a visitation.  No that would be you that has canceled at the last minute, have made it crystal clear to everything that the only time you’re going to do visitation is on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm.    You’re showing that you don’t care about your children because now they have to be removed from school early on Wednesdays so they can visit with you.   Could you be anymore selfish?


Like I said, you’re not hurting me in any of this.  Oh and I heard the rumor.  You’re going to take the kids and move to Washington when you get them back before a Custody battle can happen?  In our Temporary Order it states that you can’t move more than 100 miles from our daughter’s residence.   Go ahead and move, but realize that we will press charges and once you start moving children across state lines that becomes a FEDERAL offense.   I also find it hard to believe any man would just up and move to another state and abandon his child and that is exactly what your husband would be doing.