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One Nation…..

What has my country become?

We have come to a time where some people are offended by statues, Some are offended by athletes taking a knee during the national anthem.   We have idiots who shoot up concerts and the list continues.


We've become a country where we want everyone to respect our thoughts, but we don't want to respect anyone else thoughts.  That's what this entire Anthem bullshit is.   We had some people that were offended because a statue or some Confederate General offended them.  Then they protested and started destroying public property.   They started an uproar because the Confederate Flag hurt their feelings.   So then we had the people on the other side, go you know what, I want to be offended too.  I want something to be upset about.  I know, I'm going to be upset with pro athletes that kneel during the national anthem and I'm going to boycott the NFL.


These are the same people that are in an uproar saying the athletes are disrespecting our troops, our flag and our country.  Yet they don't protest the United States about all the veterans who are homeless, who get shitty health care insurance by the VA and our government.  They don't speak out about these things, but they're going to throw a fit because an athlete takes a knee?   Come on, People.


Oh you on the other side, don't go .getting so cocky.  You're not much better.  Bitching and complaining about the Confederate Flag and statues of Confederate generals?  You're really in no boat to boast about how great you are.  You're offended by a past that can't be changed, no matter how many statues and flags you take down.


As a country we are more divided than we've ever been.  So many people that refuse to see the other sides viewpoint.  So many more that refuse to compromise with the other side and want their feelings and thoughts to be the law.   Our Fore Fathers would turn in their grave if they saw what this great country has become.