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Caron Eastman (Caron McFarland)(Caron Finch)(Caron Edwards)

The purpose of this page is to let people know the type of person Caron Eastman/Edwards/Finch/etc is.  She has warrants for her arrest in Michigan and has to court in the Washington for fraud and plea bargained out of spending time in jail.   She will do everything in her power to swindle you out of your money.   Please proceed with caution.


**EDIT** 5/19/2022**

Caron has now moved to Warren Ohio.   She bought a house in Trumbull County, Ohio.  (If you do your research, you'll find the house in a google search


It looks as if Caron has plead guilty to fraud in Grant County, Washington.  If you are interested in seeing the case , please follow the link


Do a case search for Eastman, Caron.

Also it looks as if she's about to do another name change to Caron Edwards, as she has hooked another man to marry her.

***EDIT*** 6/22/2018

I want to let the records reflect that I know Mrs. Eastman/Finch/McFarland is going around telling people that I lived in the house with her when his happened. It is not true and if you have followed the drama that has followed her on Facebook, You can see how much of a liar/scammer she is. I assure you that if I were living there, I would have been charged too. I moved out of he house one of the many times we split up. She was charged and all the animals taken from her and SHE is not allowed to own animals anymore. I have no charges against me, I never had.

As far as abuse goes, the only abuser was Caron McFarland. Who had her children removed from her custody by Child Protective Services and moved from Michigan to Washington to escape charges. I have no desire to have contact with this woman. I do not know where she lives, her phone number and I honestly do not care.

***Edit 6/22/2018***

The time to set the records straight has come.   For those that need information on Caron McFarland aka, Caron Finch, Aka Caron Eastman AKA Caron Edwards.

Caron loves to play the victim and will use everything she can to make you feel bad for her and will use that to get you to give her free things.   She has used her kids to get free food and animals from people.  Please be advised that she has lost her children due to Child Abuse charges that she fled the state of Michigan to get away from those charges.  She is also wanted for Identity theft and fraud in Michigan.

She left Michigan and went to Longview, Washington, Where she has scammed people out of animals.  She told one lady her daughter has MS and that her Emotional Support dog had died and she needed a new animal.  She got someone to give her a discounted price on a Great Dane. (Getting the dog at a 10th of the price they were really selling it.)   She has convinced people to give her horses and other animals.  Caron McFarland does not have a job and can not afford these animals.

I have proof of the Animal Cruelty charges along with other things in Michigan.  Please feel free to click the links provided.




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