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Marigay Catherine McCarver

In Loving Memory of

Marigay Catherine Laporte-McCarver

December 10 1952 to May 11 2015


POEM by Roy M McCarver

We sit here and we mourn your death

It tore our hearts watching you take your last breath

We know you wouldn't want us to continue living sad

so we must move on from all of this bad

We know you lived your life through each of your children’s  smile

now is our time to just sit back and remember your life was worthwhile.


You were always there and never stoped holding our hand,

You wiped away our tears and helped us understand.

You never saw this world as most everyone does today

you lived as if everything, and everyone was okay

you inspired us kids to never judge any  other life

because no one is better than anyone and we all have had our own strife

we were never perfect and each of us had times of bad

you always loved us and never held on to your sad

You gave up your days just so your kids could have fun

you never needed your happiness over any of your daughters or sons.

You let us out to play even if we were punished by dad

as you didn't want us to lose the childhood we had

I remember friends that needed a ride always got to their destination

not because you were a taxi,  but you loved everyone’s inspiration

we gave just as you always have given to anyone around

not because we want recognition but because it makes us feel proud

We give and we never want anything back

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