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Welcome to my first installment of On My Soapbox.

redskinsMy first topic will be about the United States Government's removal of the Copyright rights of the Washington Redskins.

Doesn't the government have more pressing problems than to run around and take away the copyright of the NFL's Washington Franchise copyrights?  If the logo was of that of potatoes would there be the uproar over this?  I don't think so.

Some people claim the name is offensive, but many in the Native American  community aren't upset by the name.  The Redskins have had this name since 1933 before they moved to Washington in 1937.    The team name has come under scrutiny of the last few years.

Now I hear that other city newspaper's have joined in on this bandwagon, even my very own Detroit News paper has taken the stance that they will not use the "Redskins" name but will instead refer to the team as Washington's Football Team.   Are you fucking kidding me?  What has the world come to?  The Redskins name is only offensive if we as a society allows it to be.  It's a word, nothing more.

I'll assume that other sports teams will be in line to have their names changed due to being "racist".  The Cleveland Indians, The Atlanta Braves, the Kansas City Chiefs,  Florida State Seminoles, Chicago Blackhawks,   I mean we can even lump  Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, into this mix.

Political Correctness is ruining our society.  We've become a society that is butt hurt over a name of a sports team.   In the grand scheme of things, is it really hurting anything?  Only if you let it.